Travlaw’s “Looking Forward” Series

Travlaw’s “Looking Forward” Series – An Introduction

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has been a horrific, unexpected event which has caused misery for many across the world – and with an end seemingly some time away.  Our hearts and wishes go out to those with friends and loved ones affected, and our ensuring admiration and respect are with the health professionals that are very much on the “front line” of helping us all be looking forward to finding an end point.

Looking Forward … To A Time Post-Covid 19…

And it is with that end point in mind that we launch our “Looking Forwards” series of articles, webinars and think pieces. Here we focus on our own industry, that of Travel & Leisure, and how we start to work our way back to a position of what we do best – getting people travelling again.

We start with three articles authored by our Commercial Department, which will be published across the Easter 2020 weekend. Parts I & II, which are already up, helps to explain your position on commercial contracts and force majeure and then Supplier Agreements respectively.

Stay tuned for more articles in the coming days and weeks. 

Parts 1 & 2 are now live:

The Travlaw Team

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