Diversity Data – July 2021

Diversity Data

We take issues like equality and diversity very seriously here at Travlaw. As it happens any law firm regulated by the SRA must collect and publish diversity data on an annual basis.

As such we carried out our latest survey, anonymously, with the team in July 2021 and submitted the data to the SRA that month.

A selection of the key results are as follows:

Age range           % of the team

16-24                     11%

25-34                     11%

35-44                     66%

45-54                     0%

55-64                     0%

65+                         11%

Gender                % of the team

Male                     44%

Female                 56%

Gender in relation to those in professional/managerial roles

Male                     25%

Female                 75%


0% of the team have a disability according to the definition of the Equality Act.


89% of the team describe themselves as White British / English / Welsh / Northern Irish / Scottish.

11% of the team described themselves as any other ethnic background.

Socio-economic background

66% of the team attended a UK state run or funded school (non-selective).

33% of the team attended a UK state run or funded school (selected on academic, faith or other grounds).

Caring responsibilities

45% of the team have primary carer responsibilities for at least one child.

If you would like any further information about Travlaw, please contact Matt Gatenby, Senior Partner at Matt@Travlaw.co.uk or at 01132 580033.

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