By virtue of our two offices, the first located in Milan and the second in Perugia, we are able to easily serve clients with respect to matters focused in the North and Centre of Italy.

Our network of correspondents also provides assistance in litigation before any Italian judicial offices. With regard to civil matters, we provide advice and expertise to the travel industry both with respect to litigation and dispute resolution and in non-contentious matters.

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The firm assists companies in litigation relating to package tours – including disputes before the Antitrust Authority, in its specific capacity as the authority regulating incorrect commercial practices – as well as in recovery actions against service providers directly responsible for causing damages to tourists and debt recovery actions. We also act as defence counsel in recovery actions brought by insurance companies. The firm further provides assistance in actions for the protection of trademarks, competition, copyrights and advertising disputes.

The firm provides advice and assistance in the context of judicial and mediation proceedings, before the competent Administrative Authorities, and in conciliation and arbitration procedures (both administered and non-administered), including before the Jury of the Advertising Self-Regulation Institute (Giurì dell’Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria).

With respect to non-contentious matters, the firm prepares contract models governing BTB dealings as well as dealings with consumers; we prepare agency, distribution and service agreements and we also check the compliance of general clauses used by our clients with consumer protection, package tour and travel-related regulations; the firm also provides advice on data-privacy regulation compliance.

Last but not least, the firm handles complex commercial transactions concerning the provision of tourism and travel-related services such as, among others, the preparation of all contracts necessary for the realisation and distribution of “gift boxes” (including general terms applicable to consumers and also all contracts and agreements governing relationships with suppliers of tourism services, with any intermediaries and with retail and large chain store distributors).

This article was originally published on: 9 February 2023

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