Travlaw BTE 2021 Spotlight – The Charitable Travel Fund

For this year’s e-BTE we are proud to be partnering with the Charitable Travel Fund!

A registered charity (no. 1189531), works tirelessly to energise and galvanise the support of the travel and tourism industry, and the travelling public, to raise tangible financial support to communities in travel destinations that depend on tourism revenue, but have little support when that income is threatened or extinguished by events beyond expectation. Their support starts when tourism stops. Covid19, other epidemics, terrorist attacks, extreme weather and natural disaster have all played a part in devastating the good that tourism creates for developing world economies. The Charitable Travel Fund want to be there for these colleagues in tourism this time, and the next.

Will you and your company become a supporter today? The CTF are looking for travel agencies, home workers, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, ferry operators, any person or company connected with the tourism economy to pledge support through small regular donations linked to their future sales and ideally a membership donation to start making a difference right away.

Contact to learn more or alternatively reach out to one of the Travlaw team and we will be more than happy to make an introduction!

The Travlaw Team

This article was originally published on: 26 January 2021

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