Rachel and Sophie are taking a Leap!

Well, Storm Jorge put paid to their first attempt, and now the COVID-19 outbreak has delayed them further, but fellow Travlaw-ers Sophie and Rachel will eventually strap on their parachutes and take part in a skydive for charity, even if no one’s quite sure when just yet…

Once things calm down and the world returns to whatever it can find that most resembles normality, we’ll get a new date, and they’ll jump. In the meantime, if you can spare a few quid for our chosen charity feel free to donate.

On the 29th February 2020, fellow Travlaw-ers Sophie and Rachel are strapping on their parachutes and taking part in a skydive for charity!

The charity of choice is Travlaw’s chosen charity for the year – When You Wish Upon a Star, whose aim is to grant the wishes of children living with a life threatening illness. Travlaw are delighted to be assisting the charity in the incredible work they are doing and Sophie and Rachel are excited (and slightly terrified) to be able to do so in such a way! Therefore, they would really appreciate any donations, if not to give them the incentive to fall from the sky, but to help such an amazing charity.  

Rachel and Sophie will skydive over East Yorkshire on leap day and they’d like to raise £400 each to help the cause – you can donate to that here.  

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