Krystene Bousfield

Krystene Bousfield


Having qualified as a Solicitor in 2017, Krystene specialises in the areas of civil litigation, debt recovery and personal injury. Since joining Travlaw in October 2014, Krystene has become a key, senior member of our litigation team, handling various claims in civil, commercial and criminal areas of law. Subsequently, her caseload could not be more varied and whilst one day she might be defending holiday illness claims, the next she could be battling an industry regulator over issues regarding advertising standards!

As a well-known and established member of the travel industry, Krystene is always keen to get out and about, meeting new clients and faces whenever she can. You will often see Krystene speaking at and moderating industry events up and down the country, specifically those focused on personal injury, customer complaints and the Package Travel Regulations.

With over 10 years of Debt Recovery experience, Krystene is Travlaw’s first point of contact for all things recovery based. Whether individual or business debt, UK based or abroad, Krystene has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a positive outcome for clients, even taking cases as far as the Royal Courts of Justice so as to ensure a successful recovery. Krystene also specialises in enforcement, including the processes of bankruptcy, winding up petitions, charging orders and freezing of assets.

Krystene has contributed to various publications including Travel Law Quarterly and regularly features in leading trade press publications including Travel Weekly. She makes regular appearances on industry panels, including at the Barclays Travel Forum and Travlaw’s own Big Tent Event where she moderated and contributed on key topics including ATOL Reform, Brexit and Regulatory Review.

When she is not practicing law, Krystene spends her time teaching it(!), and has an ongoing working relationship with both Law Business Research (LBR) and FOR Legal where she provides training to other legal professionals on all things Debt Recovery.

My favourite place

South Africa. The people, the scenery, the wildlife… South Africa is undoubtedly my favourite place in the world! (With home in Northern Ireland coming a close second, of course!)

For anyone who hasn’t been, I cannot recommend visiting South Africa enough! From the moment you land, you are embraced by the culture and cannot help but be overwhelmed by it. I was lucky enough to experience three days of safari in Madikwe and it was an experience I’ll never forget! So much so that I am returning again this year! Then there’s Cape Town and Stellenbosch, where you are never more than a stone’s throw away from a vineyard…what more could you want!

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