Nick Goodchild

Nick Goodchild

Trainee Solicitor

Nick is a Trainee Solicitor in the Commercial and Corporate Governance department. Nick’s first degree was in French and Spanish at King’s College London. After working at a tour operator for 10 years, he decided to pursue a career in law, and went back to University, where he got Distinctions in the GDL and LPC, and graduated with a Masters in Law, Business and Management.

Nick regularly advises clients on:

  • Customer booking conditions
  • ATOL & Package Travel Regulations
  • B2B contracts such as Agency & Supplier Agreements
  • GDPR & Data: Privacy Policies, Cookies, and Data Processing Agreements
  • Software licencing and development agreements
  • Trademark applications, management and disputes
  • Corporate law: Company incorporation, shareholder agreements

In his spare time Nick is a keen golfer, and of course loves to travel. He has travelled extensively in Europe and South America.

My favourite place

Argentina! It just has everything I love: Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with European-style architecture and an irrepressible Latin spirit. I love the music and I learned to dance tango there. Outside the city it is all about wide open spaces and the outdoor life of horse riding, polo, and long barbecues over an open fire. You can visit the desert in the North of Argentina, Glaciers and National Parks in the South, and they make my favourite wines in Mendoza!

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