Rachel Baskerville

Rachel Baskerville

Director of Finance

Rachel has nearly 30 years’ experience working not only with Stephen Mason but with the travel industry in both a legal and accounting capacity.

She first joined Stephen Mason as a legal secretary, quickly moving through her ILEX exams and taking on a fee earning role. A number of years later, and with the arrival of her first son, Rachel decided to move into the less stressful and more office-based role of Practice Manager!

Fast forward a few more years to when Stephen first established Travlaw, she soon followed and joined him and Rivka to form what we now call Travlaw . Rachel took on the accounts role as well as studying and passing her legal cashiers qualifications (ILFM) and bringing up two boys (arguably the hardest part!).

Today sees Rachel as the Director of Finance providing all Travlaw’s financial functions. Not only is she efficient, thorough, approachable, reliable and practical but this all comes with a cheerful, fun loving and bright persona….there’s never a dull moment in the office when she is in! Rachel prides herself on her financial management skills and her attention to detail; both crucial assets to her role.

On the serious side, the Accounts Rules of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority impose stringent standards on how solicitors handle clients’ money. These are constantly evolving and Rachel ensures that we are complying with changes and implementing them correctly within the firm.

As you would expect Rachel is also our Compliance Officer for Financial Affairs (COFA). A very important role, nominated by the partners at Travlaw and then appointed and approved by the SRA. This role carries an even greater responsibility to monitor, review, record and report risks concerning compliance directly to the SRA.

Although Rachel has lived most of her life here, she was born in Melbourne where some of her family, including her twin brother, remain. She is a seasoned traveller having visited five out of seven continents. One day she is planning to return to Melbourne to enjoy a well-earned retirement in the sun!

My favourite place

My favourite place is of course my home town of Melbourne.  Although I have visited a couple of times, my ultimate retirement will hopefully see me ensconced back, enjoying a more sedate life with two of my brothers.

Melbourne offers a very diverse mixture of cultures, which just goes to show we can all live together, if we put our mind to it!  There are the usual highlights to see of zoos, religious and architecturally significant buildings, statues, outdoor swimming pools, mountains/hills, shopping areas and oodles of restaurants offering international cuisine and of the course the harbour and St Kilda beach!

The public parks are an absolute must. They are well maintained, providing first class children’s play areas (no graffiti/broken amusements, empty beer cans or worse!), extremely tidy and litter free and provide free barbecue equipment!

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