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European Travel Information and Authorisation System

This article discusses an increasingly important topic which has come to light in recent time, namely, the European Travel Information…

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CAA ATOL Reform – January 2023 Update

In this article, Senior Partner Matt Gatenby gives a potted history of recent ATOL reform developments following the launch today,…

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Confidentiality in Arbitration

First published on the Hunt ADR website in January 2023, this article authored by Jackie Martin explores the rules around…

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Price Reductions – One Less Grey Area In The PTR’s?

In a previous article, we discussed 8 grey areas in the Package Travel Regulations which had been exposed by the…

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Travlaw partner with Adventure Travel Networking

Travlaw are delighted to announce a partnership with Adventure Travel Networking (“ATN”) from January 2023. Matt Gatenby, Senior Partner at…

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Let’s Get One Thing Straight #2 – Freedom of Information Act Requests and Travel Businesses

The second of Travlaw’s ongoing series clarifying points for travel and leisure businesses, this article sets out an often asked…

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What’s in Store For Employers in 2023?

During the last few years, employment law has been moving at a rather sluggish pace, possibly due to the pandemic…

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Let’s Get One Thing Straight #1 – Card Fees

Can I Add a Fee For Taking Payments By Debit or Credit Cards? In this, the first of Travlaw’s “Let’s…

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Flexible Working Requests –
Just HOW flexible do employers need to be?

One of the legacies of the pandemic that remains is that working from home is now common place, whether that…

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