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Travel Law Litigation

Our highly experienced team understands the difficulties you may face when handling claims. Our team has handled thousands of such cases over the years and acts for various members of the travel industry including package organisers, bed banks, hotels, airlines or their insurers.

There is no case too big, or too small, for Travlaw. Whether bringing a claim, or defending a claim, and whether you are trying to resolve a dispute on the most cost-effective terms, or fight a point of principle, you can rely on our industry expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you!

Our expertise has you covered whether you need help to defend:

  • Personal Injury Claims – It is no secret that there is an established ‘claims culture’ in the UK. Whether you have received a routine injury claim caused by a slip/trip claim at the hotel, or a high value claim due to a catastrophic injury, you are in safe hands with our Litigation Team. 
  • Gastric Illness Claims – You may recall the spike in sickness claims between 2015 and 2020 which posed an existential threat to many travel companies. Travlaw successfully defended hundreds of sickness claims with many being dismissed at trial – and continue to do so!
  • Commercial Disputes – Whether you are a package organiser trying to defend your right to use a registered Trademark, or a bed bank or hotel operator looking to defend an indemnity claim brought by a package organiser, our team are ready to assist with any commercial disputes.
  • Refund Claims – With the cost of living on the rise customer expectations are increasingly difficult to manage. However, just because there are a few shortcomings with a holiday does not mean that the customer is entitled to a full refund! Our team are here to guide you through the court process and make sure that you do not pay more than you need to!
  • Chargeback Claims – Chargeback claims are one of the many challenges the travel industry faces.  During the pandemic, we took the lead in the ‘fight back’ against chargeback claims.  Our leadership and expertise was well received by our clients, ABTA, Travel Weekly and beyond!
  • Subrogation Claims – Long gone are the days when a customer cancels a trip, claims from their travel insurer and you hear no more of it. The pandemic prompted insurers to bring hundreds of ‘subrogated claims‘ to try and recover their losses from travel companies – with claims likely to continue through the courts for years to come!
  • Regulatory Disputes – Nobody wants to find themselves in the cross-hairs of a regulator such as the CMA, CAA or Trading Standards but, if you do, it is important to make sure you are properly represented!

Are you a package organiser looking to make an indemnity claim against an overseas supplier such as a hotel or airline? Have you run into difficulty with a domestic supplier such as a marketing company, software development or IT provider?

Whatever dispute you may have, the value and complexity of such claims is no obstacle for Travlaw. We have successfully brought claims for sums as high as £2M. That said, we also understand the need to be cost-effective so, even if you have a relatively low value claim, feel free to get in touch to find our how we can help.

As founding members of the International Travel Law Network (ITLN), this means that our clients have access to the best lawyers in countries all over the world. If the need arises to consider issues of foreign law, or serve court proceedings overseas, our panel of approved lawyers will steer us in the right direction!

Travlaw are always at the forefront when difficult issues need to be resolved in the travel industry having handled or intervened in several landmark Court of Appeal and Supreme Court cases tackling a wide range of important questions such as:

Other notable cases include:

  • Commercial Disputes – Can package organisers bring a claim against their suppliers under Regulation 29 of the Package Travel Regulations? Travel Republic v Ryanair (2024)
  • Serious Injury Claims – A tragic case involving a child left with serious life changing injuries after a swimming pool incident. This case involved complex issues in relation to liability and quantum with damages claimed at over £10M! Alli-Balogun v On The Beach Ltd & Ors [2021]
  • Expert Disputes – How does a Judge decide a case where two experts have different opinions? Is the ‘Bolam Test’ the answer? Morris v TUI UK Limited [2019]

You can therefore rest assured that, whatever dispute you may find yourselves involved, our litigation team has the experience to guide you to the best possible outcome!

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